Air Conditioner
Without outdoor unit

Air Conditioner (Water Cooling type)

  • Eco-friendly, space-saving
    Eco-friendly products that do not emit hot wind in outdoor.
    There is no need to install an outdoor unit separately.

  • Energy saving
    Although the air-cooled air conditioner is overloaded in the summer, the water-cooled air conditioner can save up to 30% energy without affecting the outside temperature because the internal water supply and drainage system replaces the outdoor unit function.

  • Smart Operation Functions
    Automatic thermostat function.
    Self-diagnosis function.
    Malfunction prevention function.

  • Patent technology and Design
    Application of invention patent technology for energy saving and noise reduction.
    Emotional design and multi-lighting to meet the healing demand.

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편백나무 적용

LCD액정 타이머 적용


생산량 : 550cc/min
중량 : 50kg
정격전압 : 220V 60Hz
소비전력 : 1600W
응축기 : 수냉식
사이즈 : 450(W) x 560(D) x 500(H)

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생산량 : 650cc/min
중량 : 95kg
정격전압 : 220V 60Hz
소비전력 : 1900W
응축기 : 수냉식
사이즈 : 500(W) x 565(D) x 1165(H)

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